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Blue Style Mastery

King Cold, Level 1
King Cold, the Destroyer, Level 2
King Cold, the Ruler, Level 3

Blue Stance x3
Blue Forward Foot Sweep x3
Blue Smirk x3
Blue Foot Smash x3
Blue Stomach Eruption x3
Blue Right Cross x3
Blue Round Throw x3

Vegeta's Jolting Slash x3
Good Advice
The Luck of Trunks
Garlic Jr.'s Kyokaika Technique

Blue Sidestep x3
Blue Defensive Flight x3
Blue Body Drop Throw
Blue One-Arm Shoulder Throw
Blue Big Outside Drop
Blue Inner Leg Throw x2

Raditz Total Defense x3
Vegeta's Surprise Defense
Goku's Energy Absorption
Mother's Touch

Blue Awakening x3
Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt
Time Is A Warrior's Tool

Android 20's Absorbing Drill
Android 20 is Caught Off Guard x3
Android 20's Search Pattern x3
Android 19's Distress x2
King Cold's End
Power Up the Most x3
Namek Dragon Ball Wish
Frieza Is Ready
Vegeta's Quickness Drill
Blazing Anger
Burning Rage
Hero's Lucky Break
Jeice's Style Drill
Tien's Mental Conditioning