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Dragonball Z Cel Page

These cels are no longer really for trade/sale. I've sold off about everything I do not really like. Specific monetary offers are still entertained, as are possibly trades from the wishlist, but isn't nearly as likely as was before.

This cel is from the episode 'Rescue Videl', and is very colorful with Videl/Saiyaman. There are also sketches for this cel, but I do not yet have pictures for them.

This cel is from Movie 13 -- Gohan is playing with the music box. I haven't seen the movie, but from what I heard I don't think it's good to be messing with it.

From 'Gohan's First Date', the episode not shown on Toonami due to a burning building Saiyaman saves. Videl has just had her hands burnt.

From Episode 289 or so. Very cute cel of Pan and Goku from DBZ. I haven't had time to take a new picture of this :)

From Movie 13. Trunks has got milk. This cel is very nice, with great color.

From Episode ???. If someone could tell me what episode this is from, I'd really appreciate it. Gohan is stunned, and Goku is embarassed.

This is a really nice A6 End cel of SSJ Goku in the orange jacket in the Cell Saga intermission. Beautiful cel, has a sketch.

This is one of my dream cels -- Mirai Gohan, full-body shot, as a Super Saiyan, without arm missing, and with a great ki effect. What more could I want? Looks really great in person, scan is not the greatest.

Another great cel... SSJ Vegeta, awesome ki aura, but where in the world is this from? Creased, but still cool.

Oversized Movie 10 cel of Goten/Trunks. Not the best colored cel, but I am growing to like it. Very cute, but not what I expected.

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